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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Dicks - Kill From The Heart (1983)

Artist: The Dicks
Country: Austin, Texas
Album:Kill From The Hear
Year: 1983
Genre: Punk/Blues Rating: 4.5/5

1. Anti-Klan (Part 1) (1:49)
2. Rich Daddy (2:30)
3. No Nazis Friend (3:04)
4. Marilyn Buck (0:57)
5. Kill From The Heart (1:54)
6. Little Boys Feet (1:10)
7. Pigs Run Wild (2:05)
8. Bourgeois Fascist Pig (1:18)
9. Purple Haze (Jimi Hendrix Cover) (2:41)
10. Anti-Klan (Part 2)
11. Right Wing - White Ring (1:58)
12. Dicks Can't Swim (11:07)



  1. DUDE!!!!!!!!!!! finally found this. sooo many people dont appreciate this band.....but im from texas so im not surprised. RICH DADDY

    enjoy friday!!!! i got some stoner punk for you at the link below if you feel the need to check - also muy texan.

  2. Hey. I work for Alternative Tentacles and we don't really appreciate music from bands on our label being pirated- the bands authorize us to distribute their music and are paid by us for it. If you would like a promotional song to put on this or future posts about Alternative Tentacle bands, please feel free to email and we'll hook you up!