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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hey Guys

All the files in the mediafire account associated with this blog magically disappeared about a week ago. I'm pretty sure I know why, but that is not what is important. This blog has been dead, as far as updates go, for quite some time, and I just have not had the time needed to make it what it once was. I'm not going to delete this blog or the posts, because it could potentially have a purpose in the future, but for now i'm going to leave it as is.

As for the time being i'm not going to be involved in uploading of any kind until people stop getting fined and/or arrested (I personally know people facing tens of thousands of dollars in fines for ridiculous copyright related things). Instead i'm going to put a little bit of effort into a side project blog, more associated with leaks instead of just marijuana and great music. Don't fret though, i'll always have interest in spreading great music, and i'll always provide ways to have access to that.

For my leak blog project I need a team of posters to assist me. This blog is going to be focusing on always increasing traffic, since heavy traffic can be utilized in many many many ways. I want up to the minute updates whenever things leak, and its very possible with a team of people. If you are interested check out the blog here

If you want to join the crew and help me out email me at

-earthworm jim

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