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Saturday, January 12, 2013

My Bitter End - The Renovation (2007)

Artist: My Bitter End
Country: Middletown, New York
Album: The Renovation
Year: 2007
Genre: Deathcore
I remember hearing this album way back in 07' when Myspace was still huge and Deathcore was taking off.  I downloaded it, listened to it a few times, and it has just sat on my iTunes since then.  I didn't dislike it for the few times i gave it a listen, I just didn't see anything standout or anything i was craving to hear later.  Going forward 5 or 6 years i decided to brush the dust off and give this another try.  With the countless deathcore albums released by thousands of bands in the years after this release, i was actually very suprised at how well this holds up.  This is a GREAT deathcore album.  Quite different than most material released around its time, and really still remains unique in the genre even today.
I read that this band is still active or reformed and are planning on releasing a new EP in March.  I'll be looking forward to hearing new marterial after so many years.

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