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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Phillip H. Anselmo / Warbeast - War Of The Gargantuas (2012)

Artist: Phillip H. Anselmo / Warbeast
Country: Texas
Album: War Of The Gargantuas
Genre: Thrash/Death Metal

Another Phil Anselmo(Pantera) project in the form of a split with the band Warbeast is now available.  Warbeast is currently signed to Phil's label, Housecore Records, and the band also features Bruce Corbitt(Rigor Mortis) on vocals.  I'm a fan of Phil's work outside of Pantera and this hits close to what a lot of his other material sounds like.  This is some really raw stuff in other words.  The first song, "Conflict" almost made me wanna turn this off, but i'm glad I stuck through cause the remaining three songs are pretty great.  Overall it's no where near some of Phil's best work, but it's a good listen and still refreshing.



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