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Friday, September 13, 2013

Stray From The Path - Anonymous (2013)

Artist: Stray From The Path
Country: Long Island, New York
Album: Anonymous
Year: 2013
Genre: Hardcore/Metalcore

Sorry i've been posting so much "core" to those who hate it.  There's just been to many releases recently that are, in my opinion, worth noting.  This band has come back hard as fuck.  I loved "Make Your Own History," didn't like "Rising Sun," but this shit rules.  Major Rage influence, but they keep their own and put out a really solid hardcore album.  My girl hates this shit cause she thinks they copied Rage with the song "Badge And A Bullet" but i don't see it that way, just a sick song.

-earthworm jim

check out the rest of the album it's not all like this, nothing else is avaliable streaming yet

***Highly Recommended***

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