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Monday, September 9, 2013

Union Jack - Rejection Syndrome

I fucking love this song.  Some good ass "Bad Ska"

-earthworm jim



Some people create their own shell, 
A mental wall that protects them 
We mustn’t trust appearances / go find this shelter you can’t see from the outside 
Go beyond all differences / enter it to get to know what’s on the inside 
Who cares about those who need it most? 
Past troubles and doubts weigh on their minds 
Some hearts should be just listened to 
Give a hand, try to comprehend / No need to judge, just go ahead 

We’re like this, you’re like that, our worlds, a long way apart. 
Feel dismissed, bleeding heart, don't look back, get a fresh start 
Everybody deserves serenity 
Everybody must face reality 

If they need to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives, 
they would be relieved to know (that) they can count on you 
Never easy to deal with their own / history 
Bad memories always remind them of / their frailty 

An insidious kind of social discrimination, a complete absence of friendship and compassion 
Look around, they’re always rejected, victims of a lack of understanding 

Even little things are good to give / a smile & some warmth to help them feel better 
Depression is our century’s disease / so break their fucking shell....break their fucking shell...break their fucking shell 

Put yourself out of your misery

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