Protect Your Online Privacy!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Protect Your Privacy Online!

Getting a VPN is a necessity in today's online world.  The government and other people are trying to look at and monitor what you are doing online, and a VPN prevents anyone from seeing what you are doing. is an excellent choice and one that I personally use.  There are free VPN services, but they will keep logs of what you do, and you will still be vulnerable if someone wants to get to them. is located in Malaysia and are not required to keep any logs.  Basically no one can see what you are doing online, not even them.  They offer blazing fast connections with multiple different types of VPNs.  They have tons of servers too, so you can choose where you want to be connected.  The support staff is great too, and can help you with any questions you have.  There is also a limited free version so that you can try it out before you invest in it, but you will be happy with their service.  Take a minute to check out the video and sign up so you can protect your privacy.  I HIGHly recommend this with the current state of the internet.

-earthworm jim

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