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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Dire Necro Cerberus - Dire Necro Cerberus I (2015)

Artist: Dire Necro Cerberus
Country: Italy
Album: Dire Necro Cerberus I
Year: 2015
Genre: Technical Brutal Death Metal

This is a pretty enjoyable listen.  The album is wayyyy too long in my opinion, but the track by track quality is good.  I've been listening to old school brutal death metal and grind all day, so some new polished shit sounds great to me right now haha.  They're in the same boat as bands like Decrepit Birth, not really breaking any new ground at all.  Like I said though, it's enjoyable.

-earthworm jim

Oh yea, i forgot, they don't have a drummer; it's a drum machine.  That would normally turn me off, but its not bad.  I'm so tired, sorry, this probably makes no sense because i'm not reading back over it.

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