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Friday, February 24, 2017

Grog - Ablutionary Rituals (2017)

Artist: Grog
Country: Lisbon, Portugal
Album: Ablutionary Rituals
Year: 2017
Genre: Brutal Death Metal/Grindcore

I've been a Grog fan for a while now.  They've been a band since 1991, and while they aren't extremely well known, they do have a sort of cult following.  I had no idea they were releasing this or let alone still a band, but I stumbled upon this new full length.  I'm about halfway through, and it's pretty solid.  Nothing groundbreaking, but just some good old brutal ass shit to help you get you through your day.  I posted their first ever release years ago on youtube with the bands approval, so check it out here and see how they have evolved.

-earthworm jim

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