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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bad Religion - True North (2013) [Full Album Stream]

Artist: Bad Religion
Country: Los Angeles, California
Album: True North
Year: 2013
Genre: Punk

Bad Religion is back with their 16th studio album and first album in three years.  It is streaming for free on Epitaph Records Youtube page and already has over 200,000 views.  Now to be honest this is just another album on top of the massive discography of this legendary punk band.  There's really nothing on here any different than any material released by this band in the recent past.  The material is not bad, it just gets lost in the sea of their previous work.  It is solid punk rock and nice to see that a band can still release solid work after 30 years, but just does not stand out over any other release by this band or punk releases in general.  I'll probably give this a few spins for a few months and then it will be lost in my collection only to rarely be heard from again.  I feel like most, besides the die hard fans, might do the same.



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