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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Battles - La Di Da Di (2015)

Artist: Battles
Country: New York, New York
Album: La Di Da Di
Year: 2015
Genre: Math Rock/Electronic/Post-Rock

So i met this cool new chick and she wanted to go to a show, so I was frantically trying to find the closest show to take her too.  I didn't really know her, and she wasn't the usual chick i hang with.  I go to a lot of shows, and the majority are some heavy ass death metal or punk shows.  Being how she's not the usual chick I chill with, I was unsure how she would take a show like that, so I just started checking out random bands that were coming.  I came across Battles, which seemed like a safe choice, being kinda artsy and shit.  Needless to say I nailed it (no pun) and she loved the show.  However, I didn't realize the gold mine I had uncovered by checking out this band.  I've had the album for about a week, just trying to brush up on them before I actually went to see them.  It's really grown on me and i'm jammin' this shit all the time now.  They're all former members of other bands, but the drummer is from Helmet, and he is sick.  They have a couple of other albums I need to get, but definitely give this a shot.

-earthworm jim

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